Magali Sonterre is the LA-based brainchild of the French-born Laure Vincent-Bouleau and LA-native Allison Ritter.

With backgrounds in hospitality and high end residential, we bring our combined 25 years of experience in prioritizing each client’s sense of comfort and ease to their design. We believe you don’t have to compromise form or function for a happy home.



At Magali Sonterre, our goal is to create spaces that reflect who our clients truly are, while honoring the distinct history and integrity of their homes. Whether it’s new build construction, full-scale renovation, or simply sourcing furniture pieces, we provide thorough and client-friendly experiences to transform spaces into havens. Collaborating with craftsman across varying fields, we work to bring their unique skillset to the vision of the home, making each custom design come to life.

Every home has a story waiting to be told. We aim to unlock these stories through our design by using color, texture, light, and pattern as our narrative tools. Design is a deeply intimate experience, and our focus is to create a beautiful relationship between our client and their home. After all, we believe that thoughtful design enhances our quality of life; our spaces affect our mood, and have the power to help shape our growth.